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Shorts In The City

Presented by Citytv

Shorts in the City features a wide range of high quality, exclusive and short video content. With over 17 titles, 35 hours and 500 episodes of dramas, actions, thrillers, comedies and animation videos - there is something for everyone!

Popular Videos


The Bachelor:The Women Tell All (01:04:07)

Season 18, Episode 14


How I Met Your Mother:Vesuvius (21:33)

Season 9, Episode 19


Modern Family:Spring-A-Ding-Fling (21:36)

Season 5, Episode 16


Glee:Trio (43:55)

Season 5, Episode 10


New Girl:Sister III (21:41)

Season 3, Episode 18


2 Broke Girls:And the Near Death Experience (21:39)

Season 3, Episode 18